Please note: A minimum 500 FICO score is required to be considered for any loan.


UDCU has just the right lending program to help make your dreams come true.

Whether it is a car loan, personal loan or unsecured loan, RV loan or refinancing your home, your credit union is the best source for financing your needs.

UDCU offers a variety of low-cost, flexible programs designed to help our members consolidate debt, finance a new or used vehicle . . . even take a vacation!


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Loan Types

  • Clean Energy Equity Loan
  • Line of Credit “Cash Flow”
  • Unsecured Loan
  • Share Secured Loan
  • Auto & RV Loan
  • First & Second Mortgage

Clean Energy Equity Loan

Utility District Credit Union has designed a solution to help you meet your energy equipment upgrades and installations. We have developed the Clean Energy Equity Loan program, with special rates and terms for homeowners seeking to improve their home’s energy efficiency, generate solar energy, or install an electric vehicle charging station. We can help you reduce monthly expenses and increase home comfort, while benefiting the environment. The clean energy equity loan can be used to invest in measures such as:

  • Solar electric (PV) or solar hot water systems.
  • Energy efficiency improvements eligible through the Energy Upgrade California Program (insulation, air and duct sealing, HVAC, etc.).
  • Electric vehicle charging equipment.

Applicants must submit a purchase order/estimate from a supplier or contractor when applying for the Clean Energy Equity Loan.

The maximum amount that can be borrowed is $50,000 with no pre-payment penalty and terms of 5, 7 or 10 years. Examples of clean energy equity loan payments are noted below.


Term Amount Rate Monthly Payment
5 Years $25,000 3.95% $459.85
7 Years $25,000 4.75% $350.51
10 Years $25,000 5.05% $265.38

The property must appraise at 90% LTV after existing first and second mortgage.

Line of Credit “Cash Flow”

A low fixed rate line of credit with ability to draw on funds as needed. There is no set term and you can use funds and repay monthly.

  • $10,000.00 maximum
  • Open end loan

Unsecured Loan

Our signature unsecured loan is available in amounts up to $5,000. Fixed rates and flexible terms are from 6-48 months. Use it for variety of purposes including debt consolidation, medical expenses, or purchasing older vehicle.

  • $5,000.00 Maximum
  • Maximum term is 48 months

Share Secured Loan

A share secured loan lets you borrow up to 100% of the balance in your savings account, while you continue to earn interest. Funds must remain on deposit and will not be available for withdrawal, but will continue to earn dividends. The annual percentage rate (APR) is calculated by adding a percentage to your savings APY.

  • Personal loans secured by your savings, money market or certificates
  • Use for a variety of purposes including debt consolidation
  • Low rate – just 4.00% APR while earning dividends on UDCU account the loan is secured by
  • Flexible terms up to 120 months
Maximum Terms Amount Financed APR Interest Rate
120 months 90% of unencumbered shares 4.50%

Auto & RV Loan

All auto loans include tax, license and serviced policies; not to exceed Blue Book value.


Loan Type Maximum Terms APR Interest Rate
New 36 months 2.25%
48 months 2.49%
60 months 3.25%
72 months 3.99%
84 months 4.25%
Used 36 months 2.49%
48 month 2.75%
60 months 3.50%
72 months 4.25%
3 years out of the Blue Book 3.99%


New RV120 Months7.75%

Loan Type Maximum Terms APR Interest Rate
Used RV 72 months 8.5%


New36 months9.50%

Loan Type Maximum Terms APR Interest Rate