Our credit union truly is people helping people!

The Utility District Credit Union (UDCU) was founded in 1935 by a group of EBMUD employees with the goal of providing employees of EBMUD and their family members a place to save their money and provide low cost financial products.

The founding members adopted the philosophy of “Service rather than profit.” This philosophy continues to guide our credit union today.

UDCU has come a long way during the ensuing decades, but our basic philosophy remains unchanged. We are a cooperative union of people with a common bond and a common goal: to provide the best financial services possible for our members.


Hassan Elmi

Phone: 510-287-0467

Isaias Reyes

Operations and Compliance Officer
Phone: 510-287-0465

Sally McConnell

Accounts Specialist
Phone: 510-287-0463

Nola Rosa

Loan Processor
Phone: 510-287-0466

Leticia Perez

Customer Service Rep
Phone: 510-287-0464

Melina Valdez

Customer Service Rep
Phone: 510-287-0539